“Lojal Stil” is Macedonia based wholesale supplier of textile materials and accessories for readymade production. The company was founded in 2001 by Petar Jovchevski. The family company firstly oriented on selling sewing machines and spare parts, throughout the years has expanded and diversified the offer in demand of materials and machines, becoming one of the leading companies in the region.

Today, the company offers an efficient and reliable service, vast range of fabrics and auxiliary materials, as well as independent distribution.

“Lojal Stil” successfully exists on the Macedonian market for over 15 years and it is continuously expanding through neighboring Balkan countries, as well as the rest of Europe.


The company policy has always been to provide ever-changing vast array of quality products at competitive prices. The materials and accessories for readymade production are mainly supplied and imported from EU countries and Turkey and held stock in our warehouses.

“Lojal Stil” offers extensive range of material in a term of composition, colors, textures and patterns.

Selection of fabrics by meter:

We provide all types of natural and synthetics fabrics with different quality and design, such as all types of poplin and twill, cotton and cotton blends, lace, silk, suiting, faux leather, wool, etc

Selection of auxiliary materials:

We provide patches, interfacing, threads, elastic treads, tapes and hangers from reputable manufactures.

Products list upon request

We recommend you order product catalog or samples, with details of the cost, width and composition of the fabrics available. When the catalog or samples are dispatched we have the fabrics available. Samples are non-returnable.


The company has its own delivery service for the purchased goods. Majority of the products are with EUR1 document and are exempt from Customs duties.

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